#365scienceselfies Project – Meet the female geologists!

by Dr Laura Guertin, Professor of Earth Science, Penn State Brandywine (Pennsylvania, USA).

Instagram is a social media platform popular among teenagers and growing in its user base all the time. But the fun of posting photos, specifically selfies, is not just for young adults! Meet the female geologists that are a part of the #365scienceselfies project.

For the 2016 calendar year, women scientists have been participating in #365scienceselfies, where photos are documenting the life of a scientist – the complete life. Each day, women are taking photos in the classroom, in the research laboratory, in the field, and other locations where scientists are engaging with their professional duties. But these women are also documenting their personal lives – going hiking, doing Zumba, shopping for clothes, seeing the doctor, spending time with family, and so much more. The collection of selfies is showing the ups and downs of balancing the professional and personal responsibilities of being a scientist – and overall, showing that scientists are humans!

I encourage everyone to search Instagram (and some posts are appearing in Twitter) for the hashtag #365scienceselfies. Paleoecologist Dr. Jacquelyn Gill (https://www.instagram.com/glacialdrift/) and hydrologist Dr. Anne Jefferson (https://www.instagram.com/highlyanne/) are regular project participants. I have been posting my selfies on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/drlauraguertin/) and compiling the posts on a website (http://sites.psu.edu/365scienceselfies/). If you really want to learn what the day-to-day life is of a Geoscientist, then explore this collection of selfies and the supporting descriptions.

You can also check out our profile for Dr. Laura Guertin here!

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