WANTED: Female Geoscientists!

GIGPROF.JPGOur Girls into Geoscience weekly blog profiles are currently on summer break and will return in the coming weeks. To-date our blog has received over 2,500 visitors from 35 different countries! We’re keen to keep the momentum going when we return and are looking for female Geoscientist from any background to complete profiles for us to feature!

Who have we featured so far?

We’ve featured a wide range of profiles from: Volcanologists, PhD Students, Planetary Scientists, Geophysicists and Event Managers. If you have a degree in a Geoscience subject we want to hear from you!

How can I get involved?

It’s really simple! We use a profile outline which is accessible through the ‘Profile Upload’ page of the blog or just drop Lara an email (lara.mani@plymouth.ac.uk) and she can send you a copy of the outline to complete.

Why should I be involved?

Currently the number of female students taking a Geoscience subject at undergraduate level are considerably lower than male students. We decided a good way to encourage more girls to continue studying a Geosciences subject at University was to showcase the incredible variety of  careers available through profiles of women working across a vast range of Geoscience areas. So, if you want to help encourage the next generation of female Geo’s and banish the age-old stereotype of a Geologist (old man in a tweet jacket and bushy beard) then why not complete a profile for us and show what life as a Geologist is really like!

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Girls into Geoscience – A day long conference for 16-18 year old girls to experience skills and techniques used across the Geosciences and to see the type of careers available from studying a Geoscience subject at University.

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