Girls into Geoscience – Talks & Workshops – 4th July 2016

This years ‘Girls into Geoscience’ event was held at Plymouth University on the 4th July. The morning saw talks from Sarah Boulton of Plymouth University, Claire Jennings of AquaGeo, Kathryn Hadler of Imperial CSM and Michelle Harris of Plymouth University. During the afternoon there were four workshops to introduce the types of subjects and skills that the students may experience at university. These included: Faults in Google Earth (GIS), Microfossils and Climate, Reconstructing Geological Time and Planetary Geology: interplanetary fieldwork.

Here are some photos from the day!

Sarah Boulton introduces the days event by showing some typical Geology stereotypes
Claire Jennings of AquaGeo introduces her talk on ‘Geophysics and Seismic Acquisition’
Claire Jennings explains the role of 4D surveys in data acquisition
Kathryn Hadler introduces her talk on ‘Mineral Processing – a career in bubbles’.
Kathryn Hadler explains the process of froth flotation and its role in mineral processing.
Michelle Harris introduces her talk on ‘Exploring the Earth under the sea: scientific ocean drilling and me’
Michelle Harris explains why she loves to study the sea floor.
Networking during lunch
Workshop 1: Finding faults in Google Earth with Sarah Boulton
Workshop 1: Finding faults in Google Earth with Sarah Boulton


Workshop 2: Microfossils and Climate with Debbie Wall-Palmer and Jodie Fisher

Workshop 3: Planetary geology with Natasha Stephen
Workshop 4: Reconstructing Geological Time with Meriel FitzPatrick
Workshop 4: Reconstructing geological time with Meriel FitzPatrick

The day in Tweets:


You can see more tweet from the day on our @girlsingeosci Twitter account!

We would like to thank The Micropalaeontological Society and the Royal Astronomical Society for sponsoring our workshops and to all our Student Ambassadors and helpers throughout the event. 

Lastly, we would like to thank all of our speakers and the girls that attended a great day. We hope you’ll keep in touch and tell us how you get on in the future!

GIG16 group photoEdit.jpg


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